Imagine the sun groaning and pelting you with its blistering rays. People screeching for that 1 rupee change from the taxi driver. Streets crammed with ramshackle buildings contrasted with dominating skyscrapers. Wisps of air, heavy with lingering dirt and pollution, coating you. Shrills of honking bawling right at you until it is red in the face. Imagine weaving through this entire ruckus and calling it home. Mumbai yethe vastavya ahe ekada, nahi itar sehar purese ahe (once you have lived in Mumbai, no other city is good enough).  The heavy air becomes a blanket.  Mumbai becomes home. 


Mumbai Local 

Mixed Media Concertina Book

6 x 8.5 inches

The embossed patina copper book showcases the various stories one encounters while travelling in the Mumbai local trains. The pages portray a woman walking through the different compartments of the train and encountering numerous people. The book celebrates Mumbai and the diverse range of individuals residing in the unique city.


Taxi Fabric 

Mixed Media Embroidery on Wire Mesh

3 x 2.5 x 8 inches

The book celebrates the project that transformed local taxi interiors into art. The bright and colorful fabric captures the buzz and celebratory spirit of the city.




Mixed Media Embroidered Flag Book

6 x 7 x 9.5 inches

They say wounds heal with time. I do not agree.

Mumbai was shaken after the 26/11 attacks. Although many years have passed since, one can still witness the traces of the fear left behind.



Laser Cut Board and Embroidery on Newspaper 

3 x 3 inches 

Reflecting back upon the recent horrific news events in India, the book criticizes the discussions that cover the root cause and instead just talk about statements that are far-fetched. The delicate cover reveals the complexity and fragility of this issue whereas the bold dark newspaper clipping talking about such cases can unfold to cover and hide the structure bellow. 


Plastic Shadow 

Fused Plastic and Wood Vovelle 

16 x 48 inches 

The 3 part interactive series showcases the transition of a section of the map of Mumbai as the waters are polluted with more and more plastic. As the plastic grows in the ocean, the shadow of the city morphs and erodes the city.

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